Metaprogramming in Ruby

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Recently, I developed a configuration DSL that would populate a database. I found myself writing a lot of repetitive code to handle the DSL syntax, and thought that this would be a good case to programatically generate the methods.

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Working with tmux

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At my workplace, my laptop is little more than a glorified mailbox and thin-client. All my development is done on a shared Linux cluster, due to the nature of the build environment needing special compilers and tools. Up until a few years ago, I was logging into a VNC session to keep my sessions active. As I started to telework more, I was annoyed by the slow refresh rates. That’s when I realized that, since all my work was done with console Vim and a console, if I could move to a console interface, I’d wind up with a much faster workflow.

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Peanut Powder

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When I was growing up, my grandmother would make a spiced peanut powder, which I could eat as a side dish to dosa or idli, or more likely, just by itself. Considering that companies like PB2 make something similar, I thought about how hard can it be to make some at home.

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magicJack and Blocked Numbers


So I got the magicJack service for $30 a year, which is way cheaper than any other service, and serves my purpose for the most part. There’s just one hiccup. I can’t call my office conference call number without making additional payments to magicJack, i.e., I need to get magicJack calling credits to make conference calls. I did call out magicJack on this, but unfortunately, the terms of service state clearly that they may charge for calls to conference calls and other numbers. Read more →