Linux HID Driver

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Most HIDs (Human Interface Devices) are supported in Linux without the need for a custom driver. However, some devices don’t necessarily implement the USB HID specification correctly, and the support for gamepad controls is rather lacking.

Of particular interest to me, and a few others in the Linux gaming community, is support for the Saitek X52/X52 Pro HOTAS joystick. For the most part, this joystick works very well in Linux, but with one limitation. The little thumb stick on the throttle module that controls the mouse motion. Linux only reports the X-axis for that thumbstick, and I traced it to the fact that Linux maps only one axis in the game controls usage page. For this to work as intended, we really need to build a customized driver.

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Vegetable Foccacia

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Being in lockdown, I have had the chance to experiment more with my food. This is my latest creation in a vegetable foccacia-style bread, which is good enough for a weekend dinner.

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Configuring Address Family for SSH Connections

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I recently enabled IPv6 on my home router and decided it was a good time to try and connect to my server using IPv6, rather than IPv4. However, on my Macbook, running High Sierra (the highest version supported), the SSH client would default to using IPv4 to connect.

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Golang Vanity URLs in nginx

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Go has a nice way of importing packages, just use go get and it automatically appears in your $GOPATH/src directory. The backing store can be any supported VCS, but most often is GitHub. This means that your custom package will be namespaced under<user>/package. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just namespace it similar to

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