Semantic Versioning

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Version numbering is a field on which you could talk for hours on end and still not make any sense out of it. Take package managers for instance; you have a package foo, that depends on package bar - now if it was as simple as that, we’d have no problems. It’s more likely that you’d wind up with version x of foo depending on version y of bar, which in turn depends on version z of baz. So far, so good. Now, let’s update baz to version z1 - OOPS! There are some changes to version z1 that break version y of bar, which means we need to revert to version z.

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Stardates are common usage in the Star Trek universe. You’d easily hear Captain Picard talking in the intro scene, “Captain’s log, stardate 41325.9”. These combinations of numbers are meant to give the viewer a sense of the future, without explicitly stating the exact timeframe in which the show occurs. Of course, we know that Star Trek: The Next Generation is set in the 24th century, but that’s beside the point.

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